Monday, 11 June 2012

Twitter Will Now Load Faster

The most flourishing and fast growing networking site gained irs highest rank with record number of tweets daily the problem mostly faced by its users is that the are having lower bandwidth limits and they are often asked to reload their twitter account home page.
Some people complain that they are not able to post instant tweets and may fce an error message or a response.The main reason of all this is that twitter appears normally on a (HTTPS://) server i.e., a secure server and responds slowly due to its high security the fact is that the secure server is used only for online transactions and some other personal uses only. We have over come the slow loading errors of twitter by changing the server. The following images are used as a visual guide which narrates the step by step changing of account settings only with some couple of clicks.

Some may say that HTTP:// may not provide much security but the fact is that the twitter takes the responsibility of your privacy seriously.This fact may be rejected by applying some complex passwords to your twitter accounts.We hope that these setting will shun your worry about the reloading error of twitter.


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